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Thursday, 29 December 2016

Y9 GCSE options help

Options are the one of the  hardest decisions you have to make in secondary school as you are stuck doing them for 2 years if you don't make the right choice! If your an arty person do an arty option if you enjoy it! If you are not academic use it to your advantage and pick something to with physical ability or DT because you will get better results. People say don't do too many as it will be to much revision; but if you do more you have a chance with coming out with more GCSE's and if you are brilliant at some it will be a walk in the park at passing it and then you can focus you time on the subject you find difficult. Use your time wisely at speaking to you subject teachers and write notes about the GCSE. I found my trusty Pro's and Con's list handy in this case as it showed me what subjects I would benefit from. I know the new GCSE's suck but research more about it and find out what it benefits you better than the old ones.

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