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Thursday, 29 December 2016

Y9 GCSE options help

Options are the one of the  hardest decisions you have to make in secondary school as you are stuck doing them for 2 years if you don't make the right choice! If your an arty person do an arty option if you enjoy it! If you are not academic use it to your advantage and pick something to with physical ability or DT because you will get better results. People say don't do too many as it will be to much revision; but if you do more you have a chance with coming out with more GCSE's and if you are brilliant at some it will be a walk in the park at passing it and then you can focus you time on the subject you find difficult. Use your time wisely at speaking to you subject teachers and write notes about the GCSE. I found my trusty Pro's and Con's list handy in this case as it showed me what subjects I would benefit from. I know the new GCSE's suck but research more about it and find out what it benefits you better than the old ones.

Thursday, 4 August 2016

Fluffy Egg Review Lush

Hi there,

Fluffy Egg

I hate long reviews so I am just going to list it!

    - It made my skin feel nice and smooth
    -It smells like my favourite lush sent Snow Fairy ( which is gorgeous and mature )
-It makes the most beautiful colour 


Hi there,

I love reading it helps my imagination grow and gives me comfort and makes me feel like anything is possible! It is a great way for anyone's vocabulary to strengthen and think of new ways and ideas to express themselves or help others.

One way reading has helped me is by stopping me from being on my phone or any other electronics 24/7 and given me an excuse to sit down, relax and read a wonderful book filled with any genre you want! I know some people don't have time and say if they read they won't get anything done but there is one way you can start without in the back of your mind thinking what you could be doing around the house.

 Holiday! This is a great way! If you have a holiday coming up why not buy a book and take it down by the pool. I always enjoy books the most on holiday even thought reading is one of my favourite things to do at home. 

There is one book I cannot wait to be released with is Zoella's (Zoe Sugg) Girl Online Book number 3! As books 1 and 2 captured me from the start and I couldn't put the book down!

      Girlerina xxx

Wednesday, 30 March 2016


Hi there, 

Organisation is one thing I can't live without. Lists are one of my favourite things to do and I wouldn't be able to cope without out the list in my pocket telling me what to do or where to go next! I suffer with stress a lot and lists have helped me but I would always still get panicky and still worry about everything and anything.

Meditation for me has helped a lot, it's something where I can take five minutes out of the day and lay down and just feel calm and centered! I used to think meditation wasn't something I could do or want to do but it turns out it really helps! I try to do this whenever I get stressed now! There are lots of meditation videos on YouTube which are great! If you are similar to me, give it a go and tell me what you think!


     Girlerina XXX💚

Monday, 28 March 2016

Injury Effects

Hi there ,

 Injuries are  awful, you always feel upset and in pain all the time. I injured myself a few months ago and I felt like the whole world was against me. You feel isolated like you can't do what you want to do and you can't do things you used to be able to do all the time but it does get better, slowly! 

Once I was out of the cast I started rehab and I could start to make progress. I used to hate it when everyone used to say "in time" or "it takes time" but they were always right. I was always so was fed up with watching everyone else dance, wishing that I could do the same things but you just have to think in that moment "I can't now but I will" and if you can think that and believe it, you too will be able to make progress. Injuries take time and soon you'll be back on your feet, remember there is always a way!

           Girlerina XXX 💚

First Post

Hi there,

I have never been so excited, I have always wanted to start a blog!

This blog will be about pretty much anything! I want it to be somewhere to go to forget about stresses and jobs! It will be somewhere I can read back on if I'm stressed or anxious or anyone else, for that matter.


     Girlerina XXX 💚